How do I use facial recognition to identify cattle in my operation?

Cattle Producers – contact us today to get set up using the 406 Bovine app.

406 Bovine develops technology to improve livestock management software. Check with the cattle management software provider that best fits your operation and ask if they are using 406 Bovine’s facial recognition technology API in their software.    

Platform Providers – If you are an API customer, contact us today to get set up with the 406 Bovine API.

What is an API?

Application Programming Interface. 406 Bovine provides a facial recognition API to existing cattle management software providers around the world.

How does it work?

The facial recognition API simply plugs into exsisting cattle management software which integrates facial recognition on any cattle management platform.

How does the facial recognition API work on other platforms?

Enter cattle into your own private database by taking a 3 to 5 second video around the head. Enter the profile information for the animal you are entering. When you need information on a specific animal take one image of the animal to pull up the profile information. View or update anywhere.

What equipment is needed to use the facial recognition API?

A smart phone is the minimum reqired device.

For the 406 Bovine app, currently we are operating on IOS (Apple devices).

The API software is compatible with any device, iPhone, Android, tablets, IP cameras, etc.  We also offer automated cattle entry into your private database with a live feed camera at the chute.

How are cattle recognized using facial recognition?

Once cattle are entered into your private database they can be recognized by taking one image using the app on your smart phone. Open your cattle management app and snap an image of the animal up to 50 feet away to pull up the animal’s profile. Here you can view or update the profile information.

What information can be viewed from my phone in the pasture or feed yard?

By taking one photo you can identify the animal and view the individual profile of the animal. You will view any information attached with the animal e.g. view special notes, vaccine records, health records including date treated, antibiotics, pen and pasture movements, home pen or pasture, birth dates, bloodlines, birth weight, average daily gain, EPD’s, and more.

Can I update animal profiles in the field using my phone?

Yes, all cattle records and information can be viewed and updated anywhere using your phone on the go.

Do I need cell service to use facial recognition technology?

No service is needed. View and update animal profiles without service. Once you are back within service your updates/changes will be uploaded in the system.

I am a cattle management software provider; how do I get started with the 406 Bovine facial recognition API?

Please contact us and fill out your information to get started.  A member from our team will assist you.